Loose Ends – Just some reprocessed images and things I hadn’t yet uploaded

Summer 2021 – Not much this Summer

Fall/Winter 2020

Spring/Summer 2020
A quarantine concussion, smashed finger and record clouds and rainfall got things off to a very slow start this spring. Then I went and bought the OPT Radian Ultra Quadband filter, so it should be cloudy for a couple months now.

Winter 2019/2020
To say that this Winter has been a disappointment would be one heck of an understatement. Clouds persisted in the Midwest every. single. night. from December 22nd through February 12th. Orion and Monoceros now drift to the west of the meridian and hide behind trees from me. The red fuzzies also disappear until May.

Fall 2019
Fall had to an interesting start in Chicago. Three inches of rain in early October followed by four inches of snow on Halloween.

Summer 2019
I didn’t accomplish a whole lot this Summer, but a new ZWO ASI071MC Pro and Hutech IDAS NB1 filter certainly helped me get a few images done. I can do a whole lot more in a lot less time with this great camera.

Galaxy Season 2019
It feels like it has been ages since I obtained any data. Winter 2018/19 was exceptionally poor in Chicago and the cloudy nights are stretching into Spring. Moving toward the middle of May, and all I have is some incomplete data sets begging for more integration.

In and Around Orion 2018
The constellation Orion offers up enough great objects to keep one busy through most of the Fall and Winter. This year I’ve been waking myself up at about 1:30AM to get a jump on all objects Orion. From mid-October into February I will concentrate on this area of the sky, working East to West from the Witch Head Nebula to the Cone Nebula and Christmas Tree Cluster in Orion’s neighbor Monoceros.

Fall 2018
While waiting for Orion to reappear at a more manageable hour, I captured a few objects from the front yard over the last couple weeks.

Summer 2018
Just some projects I’m working on. Early Summer has been spent in Sagittarius. We’re just getting into the first stretch of decent weather in quite some time.  I’m confident I’ll actually be able to finish some of these with the good weather ahead.

May 2018
May was uncharacteristically cloudy, rainy and cold, until Memorial Day weekend, when it was in the 90’s and humid. I barely got out at all. I got partial data for M101, failed miserably trying to image Jupiter, added to M13, and took some Moon and constellation photos with a kit lens.

April 2018

March 2018
Starting off the month with clear skies, a full moon and an H-alpha filter. Then two weeks of thin clouds. Next, progressing into Galaxy Season.

February 2018
Half-way through the month and I have nothing, so I’ve been playing with data already acquired.

January 2018
And now for some incomplete images. January was a rough month.

November & December 2017
We’ve had terrible weather this fall and winter so far. I’ll be starting both of these over with better focus and an added coma corrector if it ever gets clear. These are before I modified my DSLR, and it shows.

September & October 2017
These are the first images I attempted.