About Me

Katorella is a mashup of the names of those three little ladies above. I made it up originally when I was going to build a custom bike and of course it needed a name. The bike was never built, but the name stuck for the three bing-bongs.

10505359_10152508364008631_5196269799773780264_nMy wife and I have been married for 14 years. 15 years ago, she bought me a Meade LXD75 SN10 for Christmas. While the scope was destroyed via flooding in 2011, I’m actually still using that LXD75 mount that was saved by a plastic bin to image, 15 years later! I drive her nuts with this astronomy and astrophotography obsession, But I’m trying to get better about that! She’s an amazing talent – a preschool teacher, nanny, Girl Scout leader, PTO President, and book illustrator! I see her occasionally. For 2019-2020, she has decided to also become a full-time college student to enable her career. At least while I’m up late imaging, she’s up late doing homework, so we can be together and awake in the same space for a while!


You can pick up her latest collaboration, Max T Booker here or on Amazon. You can also check out her website at nicolehartl-lanahan.com/

564362_10150919186413631_1171280452_nBy day I’m an IT manager, so I’m full nerd 24/7. I have a modest house with a giant tree that the city won’t let me get rid of and I’m in a white zone trying to deal with light pollution from Chicago. Despite this, I’m still imaging. I started this page to try to help everyone image, but I think the blog has morphed into a science based philosophical look at myself and everything around me. In simpler terms, my page turned into my therapy! My kids have convinced me that I have to be a YouTuber now, so despite my IT background, I’m sure my 12 year old will be showing me the ropes on that very soon.

Drop me a line via the Contact page if you have any questions or comments and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 

Clear Skies, Bleary Eyes – KA