About Me

I’m just another amateur astro-photographer, trying to take pictures without spending everything I have. I have other hobbies to support (and a wife, three kids, two dogs, a mortgage…). When I got back into this after years away from astronomy, I wanted to create the best images I could for the least amount of money. I don’t have easy access to a dark site, and I live in a red-to-white zone surrounded by tall, old trees, but I’m determined to get some great images for the least amount of money possible.

By day I’m an IT Professional, which I think helps in understanding how everything works together and in troubleshooting when everything doesn’t. My dad taught me about the night sky when I was a kid and until recently, I thought I actually knew a thing or two about space. I’m learning about the sky every day. When my dad passed away in late 2016, and when we laid his ashes to rest, I decided that I needed to get back into this hobby because it’s something he would have been amazed with.

I tried all of this back in 2004 and 2005 and failed miserably due to a misconception of my knowledge level. I had no idea what I was doing, and I had unrealistic expectations for my equipment. So now I’m back in, really only since the Summer of 2017, sharing my experiences and hopefully helping some other folks who want to get started in this. Drop me a not with any questions or comments using the Contact page.