Time to Step Up

Meade Brand Ambassadorship
Sometime in July, I filled out an application to become a Meade Brand Ambassador. Meade Telescopes is one of the largest telescope manufacturers selling telescopes ranging from backyard magnifiers to observatory-grade optics. When I hadn’t heard back, I figured my images weren’t good enough, or I didn’t have enough followers on Instagram, and I have a whole ONE YouTube video. I understood, as I’m still progressing in this hobby and so many others produce images that put mine to shame.

I’ve always been a fan of Meade – from the time I first saw the big blue fork-mounted monsters in the back of magazines in the 90’s, to my first real telescope my wife bought me in 2004, to now.

A Very Brief Recent History of Meade
After production of the LXD75 line ceased in 2009 (I think), there was a gaping hole in their product line that left amateur astrophotographers going to other manufacturers such as Celestron, Orion. Manufacturers such as iOptron also started to jump in to fill the gap as well. Meade was represented well in the high-end astrophotography and low-end astronomy markets, but they were missing the area where most of us sit.

After a long career at Celestron, Victor Aniceto took over the reigns at Meade in 2015. Development at Meade quickly started with the aim of filling the gap Aniceto knew Celestron was filling. In 2017, Meade announced the LX85 mount, 6000 series triplet refractors and astrographs and the DSI-IV color and mono cameras, as well as drastically upgraded planetary cameras in the LPI series. Each of these were specifically targeted to put Meade back on the map for the amateur, but serious astrophotographer.

Starting the Next Phase of My Obsessive Hoby
April from Meade reached out to me in October to let me know that they’d like to take me on into their Brand Ambassador program. I am thrilled to represent what Meade has to offer with them charging back into the amateur astrophotography market. There is an authenticity and realism to this program that I really appreciate. I don’t have to exclusively use Meade products, or give fake reviews. The company has faith enough in it’s products that they don’t have to tie down their representatives with lengthy agreements.

Meade is also very active in social media, interacting with and appreciating their customers, even going beyond their own brands, showing thy love astronomy, not just the bottom line.

Now it’s time for me to step up my imaging game! I can’t just keep producing mediocre images with hurried processing and expect to stick around. I think I’m on my way since agreeing to represent Meade with these 4 images from the last few weeks.

Stay tuned for reviews, videos and a lot more images as I build out a new Meade-centric imaging rig and move through the next phase of this hobby!

Check me out on Instagram @katorellaastro

Clear Skies, Bleary Eyes – KA

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